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Sport Cages

About Our Sport Cages

Here at SDR we get alot of people asking about cage extensions, or add on cages. While we understand that these types of cages are a lot less expensive than a Full cage we want to stress that this is not something we would ever recommend anyone spend thier money on. It would be like buying a new car without any airbags or seatbelts just to save a few bucks! It is our opinion that the factory cage is inadequate in the event of a rollover and that its weaknesses are only multiplied by adding a rear structure to it. After all, this is your family and we build cages that make it safer to go ride together, not just a place to put a rear seat.

With so many choices in cages for your UTV on the market today it can be difficult at best to seperate the good from the bad. Not to mention the drastic variance in prices from one builder to the next. As a company that has built as many if not more cages than just about anyone in the industry we know the differences, and we know why they sell them so cheap. Simply put, materials and structure seperate the good from the bad, and usually the cheap from the more expensive. Read along as we try to help you not only make a good decision, but try to offer a bit of insight and education on what makes a cage not only look good, but keep you and your family as safe as possable...

If you would like to learn more about what makes our Sport Cages stand above the rest, please visit our our Sport Cages page.