THE SDR Difference

THE SDR Difference

Posted by SDR Motorsports on Dec 10th 2020

The SDR Difference

You should ask a lot of questions from your builder, do your own research, and ask opinions of other UTV owners and what they learned. You should know the fabrication abilities and background of the company you are about to trust in building you a sport cage that your kids will be strapped into.

At SDR Motorsports Inc. we enjoy talking with you about what we believe makes our cages and products the best. Sharing our experience and the talent of our team of fabricators with you our customers is one of our favorite things! We are proud of our products, and our team. Come on down and take a tour of our facility and see for yourself!

We didn't just set out to design another "cookie cutter" sport cage; we set out to engineer a sport cage that gives our customers the ultimate in Safety & Style. Take a look at these key features engineered into every SDR Motorsports Inc. Sport cage and we believe you will agree that ours stands out from the crowd.

Triangulated Design: Look closely at our sport cage and you will notice that all three vertical supports are at different angles. The technical term for them is the A-pillar, B-pillar, and C-pillar from front to back. We set them at different angles to provide vertical triangulation support. This method adds increased strength over straight designs that can fold over in a roll like a box. Plus we believe it just looks better that way. 

Roof Bracing: Every SDR Motorsports Inc. Sport cage features upper roof bracing down the center and across the back. This "center spine" provides the strength needed to make sure your family stays as safe as possible in the event of a rollover. 

Double Tube Front Bracing: We have added an extra cross bracing tube to the front windshield area similar to what you would find on a trophy truck chassis to further strengthen the front of the sport cage. 

Extensive Bracing:
 We have gussets and bracing aplenty. A complete dash bar, harness bar, full roof bar, and c- pillar support tubes, all of which are key ingredients required to be defined as a safe and tough sport cage.